At EICR Edinburgh we provide fuse box repair, replacement and installation. Your fuse board or fuse box is actually called a consumer unit. It is a vital part of your electrical installation. These come in all shapes and sizes with some having a higher level of protection than others. If you do not have RCD protection, then for your own safety, or that of your tenant we would advise you to upgrade.

Highest Possible Standards – Customer Review

I cannot praise Mark and his team highly enough. I required several electrical faults to be corrected, and they completed these jobs to the highest possible standards. Much of the work was repairing the shoddy work done in the past by ‘electricians’ who cared little for the quality of their work or for the safety of the householder. I had previously asked a number of electricians to examine the problems that I was having with the electricity in my house, and until Mark came along, every one of them had been unable to help. Some of them even charged me, just for looking! Mark, with his exceptional knowledge of all things electrical, examined, and repaired every electrical component in my house, fitting a new fuse-box, rewiring and replacing all sockets and making sure that the flow of electricity into the house was adequate. Some of the jobs, such as fitting an extractor fan in the bathroom requiring a lengthy outlet pipe taking the moisture outside, seemed so complicated to me that I didn’t think it would be possible. (Which is probably why previous attempts to do this, by inferior workmen had been abandoned).
This was a very big job and it was completed within 4 days. The amount I was charged for this was more than reasonable. I recommend Mark, Scott and Craig, without reservation.

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