Smoke & CO Alarms

Smoke Alarm Requirements

The Scottish Government has produced revised statutory guidance on the requirements for smoke alarms. A copy of the revised statutory guidance is available on the PRHP website by visiting

However, the main points relative to smoke detectors are as follows.

The revised Domestic Technical Handbook guidance states there should be at least:

  • One functioning smoke alarm in every room which is frequently used by the occupants for general daytime living purposes
  • One functioning smoke alarm in every circulation space, such as hallways and landings
  • One heat alarm in every kitchen
  • All alarms should be interlinked

Assured Protection

We do not use cheap alarms – we use Aico and can offer 2 standards according to price. We can also Offer NEST intelligent alarms that can be controlled from your smart phone.

The number and position of the alarms will depend on the size and layout of the house. There should be at least one alarm on each floor. We at EICR Edinburgh are qualified to BS5839 to design and install and commission your system

The landlord should either install smoke and fire detectors that meet the standard set by building regulations or be able to justify why a lesser level of protection is appropriate in a particular house.

If there is a requirement for a particular house to meet more stringent standards, then these more stringent standards apply
An alarm should be installed in accordance with the recommendations contained in BS5839 Part 6 and the landlord should ensure the alarm is regularly maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. The fitting of a hard wired smoke alarm may require a building warrant and the relevant local authorities should be consulted.We at EICR Edinburgh would be pleased to install your system to the best standards and help you maintain your electrical and gas systems .

CO Alarm Requirement

CO alarms must be installed in every room with a gas burning appliance i.e a boiler , gas hob or gas fire. CO alarms must be installed in any rooms a flue runs through. We recommend a Hard wired Aico system in conjunction with your smoke alarm system, complemented with battery CO detectors in bedrooms. Remember it may not even be your boiler thats at fault, a neighbours faulty flue could leak into your property, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Who will enforce this new law?

Local Authorities will be enforcing this from 1st October 2015. Some Local Authorities are already prepared to do this as they have a licencing scheme for HMOs (House in Multiple Occupancy), where smoke alarms are a requirement.

Sep 2016: News and Information on Smoke Alarm installations at EICR Edinburgh

We enjoy fitting smoke alarms, it can be a messy Job, but we love improving safety in your home especially if you have children. Smoke alarm installations are the first line of defence in preventing a fire in your home or premises. Don’t rely on battery smoke detectors only! – EICR Edinburgh will happily assist in fitting mains smoke alarms at any location and at a time that suits you. Call, email or submit an enquiry to find out more about our smoke alarm / smoke detector installations carried out by our fully qualified electricians.

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