So You Want A 'Cheap' Electrician

This is where we show case all of the cheap electrical work that we see on site. We really want to push the message, that getting a cheap electrician can be very dangerous. We want to show you from our first hand experience, the poor and careless work that these so called electricians have done. These are some examples of the mess we have to clean up daily

Hidden Joints

So, you want a cheap job done? Hidden joints, uncovered by EICR Edinburgh. Potential fire hazard, kitchen socket spurs wired in 1.5mm, double oven – 2400 watt – run off 2.5mm kitchen ring – along with immersion heater…

“Half A Million Pound Flat”

This is an EICR Edinburgh inspection on a half a million pound flat and this is what was beneath the kitchen cabinets. Shocking standards of work extend right across all the housing stock we see.

Questionable Socket Placement

Newly installed kitchen in a rental flat inspected by EICR Edinburgh. Two double sockets on this wall and look where they are! If you are getting a new kitchen, please ensure you hire a Regulate_SELECT registered electrician.

Support Regulate_SELECT

This was long afternoon at EICR Edinburgh. First two sockets off in this kitchen. This is in Ben Macpherson constituency, not far from his office. We are calling on all MSP’s to support Regulate_SELECT.

How Not To Fit A LVHE

At EICR Edinburgh we offer full audio visual design and installation by our experienced and Regulate SELECT registered professionals. This is how you don’t fit a LVHE. To find more about our audio visual installations click HERE.

Don’t Pay For Others Mistakes

This is a newly fitted kitchen. Only ever hire a Regulate_SELECT registered electrician. This customer now faces a bill to put right what should have been installed properly in the first place.

Trouble In The Attic

Attics always reveal something during an inspection. You never know what you will find in the attic. When was the last time you checked your attic? Call up today to get the electrics checked in your home. We can make sure all the electrics are safe and not a fire hazard. Click HERE to get in contact with us now.

Beware Of Dangerous Electrics

An EICR Edinburgh inspection for a newly renovated flat. This is one of three C1’s – immediately dangerous. Let us be in no doubt as to the importance of Regulate_SELECT and Jamie Halcro Johnston’s campaign. This is why it is so crucial to make sure your electrics are checked and up to standard.

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