All Prices are Correct, Fixed and Up-to-Date.
Please don’t call to discuss prices already shown below.

Please note we are not looking to be a “cheap” contractor.
We have a company policy of do it once, do it right.
We use the best of fit out material, and work to the highest standards.

No VAT to pay as not currently registered for VAT.

Landlord Services

Testing and certification. All our testing services are prepaid and discounted at the prepaid rate.

Please contact us via email to book HERE at

  • EICR and PAT (10 items) £2 per item thereafter – £125
  • EICR -HMO status or above 3 bedrooms – £150
  • EICR,PAT and GAS – £165
  • EICR PAT GAS, Legionella assessment – £225
  • Add EPC to any package for – £65

Evening EICR’s or Saturday are available by request. 

Smoke Alarm Systems

All home owners must have a hard wired smoke alarm system fitted by 2021.

We fit only AICO alarms due to reliability over many years installing them. All our systems meet the minimum standards required and all installations carried out with utmost care. We do not install trunking or surface wiring, always we install to the highest quality. The basic standard is to have 3 alarms fitted – optical detector in your hallway, living room and heat detector in your kitchen. A CO detector for all gas burning appliances and in rooms where a flue passes through. 

  • Hard wired smoke/Heat alarm alkaline battery – £95 each
  • Hardwired smoke/Heat alarm lithium battery – £110 each
  • Wireless interlinked smoke/heat alarm with lithium battery – £95 
  • Heat/CO combined alarm *for kitchens with boilers) – £175 each
  • Lithium battery CO alarm stand alone – £35

WE will give you a SELECT registered certificate with every installation

General Electrical Work

Please email us today HERE with your requirements!

  • Same day call out £95 first hour 2 men
  • Next day £75 first hour 2 men

The 18th Edition regulations came into effect in January 2019 we fit only high quality 18TH edition Fuse boards/Fuse boxes/Consumer units.

  • 18th edition split load consumer unit – £390
  • 18th edition RCBO unit – £490

We include fire protection, sealing the entries when installing a fuse board. We fit RCBO units giving a higher degree of protection with less potential of trip issues, please see our FUSE BOARD PAGE for more information

Audio Visual Systems

Home Networks designed and installed – 

  • Comprehensive Low Voltage Head End (LVHE) from – £50
  • Wired Networks: Patch Panels from – £100
  • Cat 6/6a/7 outlets run throughout the home from – £55

Wireless Access –

  • Increased Wi-Fi coverage via repeaters from – £75
  • Wireless access points (WAP) from – £125
  • Integrated and increased Wi-Fi range to include CCTV, Smart Security etc from – £200

TV’s/Home Cinema –

  • TV’s mounted from – £150
  • Home Cinema with concealed cables, including TV wall mounting, from – £250

Smart homes – we can design a bespoke system for you, price dependent on system

For more information visit our Audio Visual page HERE

For all other electrical installation work please fill in the form and I will come back to you same day.

EICR Edinburgh Insurance and Accreditation.

Please note all prices are subject to change and situation.