About Our Rewire Service

The rewire service carried out by the electricians at EICR Edinburgh is all-inclusive.

When carrying out a rewiring project EICR Edinburgh always put safety first. EICR Edinburgh, always, rigorously test any new wiring installation and supply only high quality materials. Our experienced Electricians are perfectionists when it comes to the quality of our rewiring jobs, so customers, can rest assured their electrical rewire has been carried out to the highest of standards

EICR Edinburgh rewiring service is available in Edinburgh and across the Lothians (eg. South Queensferry, Cramond, Currie, Dalkeith & Beyond )

At EICR Edinburgh we provide rewires for residential properties & rewires for business properties.

More Information on the Rewire Service provided by EICR Edinburgh

At EICR Edinburgh we provide a comprehensive rewiring service. The rewires carried out at EICR Edinburgh comply to all safety and building regulation requirements.

If rescuing your wiring is not possible then a full rewire may be necessary. This will be carried out with the minimum of disruption, by a company that specialises in this area. There are many ways to wire a property and we will discuss what you want to achieve, before designing your new electrical installation. We understand budget is important and can offer options to suit, whilst still ensuring a fully comprehensive rewire, complete with certification. We will design your system with a fixed quote, however, we also offer a ‘price per point’ system should you wish to add extra points throughout the installation. All rewires are designed with the future in mind. We leave plenty of room in your new Consumer Unit to add additional circuits, e.g. solar system installations. We also arrange other trades such as a plasterer to work alongside us and provide a cleaner at the end of the job. All rubbish is removed from site and ethically disposed of or recycled where possible.

All rewires are designed with the future in mind. We leave plenty of room in your new Consumer Unit to add additional circuits, e.g. solar system installations. Furthermore, a thorough test of your incoming supply will be carried out before any work commences. In addition, we also provide a detailed systematic plan that will allow you to follow our progress, so you can gauge when the work will be finished. On completion, plastering work, ethical recycling and rubbish removal of waste material are carried out and you will receive a 1-10 year guarantee in accordance with your chosen wiring option.

Safety and Safety Upgrades

If your consumer unit (fuse board) is dated and does not have rcd protection (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Residual-current_device) then it is likely you are due for a rewire or upgrade, depending on the condition of your current installation. 25 years is the recommended length of time between rewiring, however, if you have a certain type of wiring that has been installed well in the first place and looked after in non corrosive condition, then it is possible we can carry out an upgrade. This involves a full test on your wiring (similar to a pre-MOT) to determine there are no current faults or degradation. The test will also flag any wiring needing attention.

Firstly, we test your Scottish Power supply and the main Earth. Irrespective of who supplies your electricity, it is Scottish Power’s responsibility to upgrade any supplies not to standard. In new builds, Scottish Power must provide an Earth, but in the past Earthing was not their responsibility and the Earth used to be tapped from the water or gas supply. In recent years, however, the water and gas supplies have been getting replaced, from metal to plastic, and homes have been losing their existing Earth. The utilities companies do post leaflets through doors, but these warnings are not always received.

This is why I am happy to provide a FREE initial consultation to determine where you stand. Once the Earth issue has been resolved, the upgrade is a full days’ work and includes a Consumer Unit changeover ( non combustible material – to meet BS 7671 ) and hard-wired smoke alarms. These will be designed to meet the differing needs of each house and in accordance with electrical and building standards, and manufacturers’ recommendations in accordance with BS5839. An earth upgrade may be required, that links your gas and water supplies to your new rcd protected Consumer Unit. In the event of your pipe-work becoming live through a fault, the Consumer Unit rcd will trip, preventing shock to the consumer.

Finally, looking at your sockets and switches, we may recommend they get changed, as faulty or old switches can cause the electricity to arc, thus becoming a fire hazard. Once we have upgraded as necessary, we will issue certification and as an approved electrician, registered with SELECT, your installation would be recognised by any authority as having been designed and installed correctly. You can get some more information from the Electrical Safety Council below.

The Electrical Safety Council: http://www.esc.org.uk/public/guides-and-advice/leaflets/

Electrical Upgrades

After we have carried out an EICR we may find that the wiring can be kept and an upgrade can be carried out. To carry out an Electrical upgrade in Edinburgh we would strip off all the sockets, switches, lighting , controls for cookers and showers – old fans etc and install Hager accessories throughout. We fix all the small faults, where excessive copper may be showing, no grommets protecting cables entering back boxes, replace old connector strip with modern Wago connectors, untwist any earths and resleeve individually and giving the wiring a new lease of life. We carry out this job thoroughly, going into attics or under floors where possible to ensure that all electrical connections throughout are secure and correctly terminated. Once carried out and refitted with LED lights throughout you can rest assured your property will pass any inspection for the next 10 – 20 years perhaps more. We use only the best quality material – silent powerful fans, Hager accessories throughout and quality LED lighting which you have a choice of fittings in our Edinburgh upgrades. We can add USB sockets, conversion sockets (turn a single socket into a 4 gang socket easily) for more outlets to meet landlord requirements in both HMO and non-HMO properties.

We install RCBO surge protected consumer units , fireproofed and metal construction as standard and have done for many years – even before it was industry recommended with 10 year guarantees and same day call out service. We also offer a full data install we can complete at the same time please see our data services and smart homes page HERE

What Our Customers Have To Say

Mark and his team have restored my faith in professional electricians. After a series of disasters with other firms, I asked EICR to do a complete rewire of my father’s four bed property on very short notice. The work was major and needed done quickly to allow my father to get home after a fire had damaged the property and the firm that rebuilt it had failed to notice the need for rewiring until all the fire repairs were completed. Although it was the trade holiday season and the team were busy, they came the same day, quoted the next, and were able to start within only three weeks.

The house is old with many period features. They listened to our concerns about minimizing damage and the need to avoid yet more extensive redecoration. They rapidly devised a number of clever ways to preserve the interior. Their quote was not the cheapest, but when we agreed to pay the whole cost before they started, Mark gave us a significant reduction. It was worth every penny. Any concerns I had that they may cut corners having already been paid were quickly dispelled. Indeed they did a number of things that were above and beyond the quoted work and never even suggested an additional charge. The job took just over three weeks , which was what we had agreed. The team were polite, articulate, knowledgeable and incredibly hard working. They dealt with all aspects of the work from moving furniture, lifting carpets and floors, to plastering and putting the whole place back together just as it had been. They frequently worked late into the evening. They worked at weekends and they finished when they said they would, despite the unavoidable issues that they discovered as they got beneath the skin of the house. They fitted high quality sockets, detectors and alarms and managed to avoid any damage to wallpapered rooms and other areas that would have been difficult or impossible to restore. Throughout the whole process Mark and Aaron kept me informed daily of issues and progress and always took comments and concerns on board. They seemed to genuinely enjoy finding practical and creative solutions to things. When they were finished, they remained responsive and willing to call back on short notice to explain or change things that needed adjusting.

I have never written a review before. However, I was so impressed with these guys that I feel compelled to spread the word. They are a class act. They know what they are doing, they take real pride in the quality of their work and their personal service and they seem to genuinely care about their customers being happy and satisfied. If you want a team that do what they say they are going to do and who care about you being happy with it, fight to get them.

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