At EICR Edinburgh, we care about the safety of your property. That’s why all smoke alarms we supply & fit come with a 10-year guarantee.

New Year… New Smoke Alarms! Only a Month to go…

New Scottish Legislation Comes Into Effect In One Month.

Happy new year!! We hope everyone enjoyed their festivities and aren’t too worse for wear today.

There’s now only one month for all Scottish homes to comply with upcoming regulations relating to smoke alarms. Don’t leave it too late! Trying to find a decent last-minute electrician can be just as much of a headache as any new-year’s-day hangover…

Head to Smoke Alarms Edinburgh to order a new system and book an installation. The handy online advisor will tell you what system you need for your property.

Our installations are quick, non-intrusive, and come with a 10-year guarantee. We still have some space in our calendar, but it is filling up fast, get in touch today to book an installation.

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New Smoke Alarms, New Website!

Hi all!

We’ve recently launched a new website and company to deal with the upcoming smoke alarms legislation changes coming into effect in February next year.

You can visit the Smoke Alarms Edinburgh website here and order a brand new system for your property.

We have a smart online advisor that will recommend a system for your property, which you can order entirely online for installation by our qualified electricians.

The legislations affect all residential properties, so whether you are a landlord or owner-occupier, your home will have to comply. More info about the legislation and why you should choose Smoke Alarms Edinburgh to install your new system is available on the website.

We install to any EH postcode and guarantee a quick, non-intrusive installation of new systems. All of our systems also come with a 10-year guarantee which lasts the entire life of the units. Unlike many contractors, we install alarms with 10-year lithium batteries which never need to be changed. This is especially important as alkaline-powered units (with replaceable batteries) do not comply with upcoming regulations. Don’t go with a “cheap” contractor as you risk being left with substandard home safety.

Don’t leave it up to guesswork, order a new system for your home from Smoke Alarms Edinburgh today.

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Home Safety Starts With Your Smoke Alarms

Are you a landlord? Or a homeowner concerned about the safety of your home?

Having a fully interlinked and up-to-date alarm system is the first line of defense against fires and gas hazards in your home. Protect your family, tenants and neighbours by upgrading now. It will soon be the law.

We are now handling all alarm installation business as Smoke Alarms Edinburgh, bringing the full expertise of our certified electricians to make your home safer.

Different homes may require different systems to be compliant, visit the FAQ pages at Smoke Alarms Edinburgh to find out more, or use the smart online advisor to work out what alarms you need for your property.

Book your installation online today!

Smoke Alarm Installation

Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a moment, when was the last time you checked your smoke or CO alarm?

Last week? Last month? Never? Spare a couple minutes this weekend to test all the smoke alarms in your home. It could end up saving your life.

Here at EICR Edinburgh we fit smoke and CO alarms for you. Check out more information HERE

electricians testimonials

Smoke Alarms & EICR Testing – Customer Testimonial

I recently came back to Edinburgh where I own 3 properties to oversee the installation work for new smoke alarms and EICR testing. I contacted Mark at EICR Edinburgh and was relieved to have someone guide me through everything I needed to do, Mark also organised a Gas fitter, Legionaire tester and a company to carry out an energy survey. There was minor remedial work which was corrected swiftly, 1 fuseboard to change to a modern one, 3 smoke alarm systems and hard wired CO detectors installed in all properties. There was minimum damage to decor and all in all a very neat installation, and Marks contacts were also very helpful. Thanks again.

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