Exploring The Attic

I’m going to be very itchy, imminently. There is no place that our electricians can’t reach. We will go anywhere in your home to get your electrics up and running again.

Not A Fan Of This One

‘I don’t think the fan has ever worked…’. If you don’t think Something is working correctly in your home, Don’t be afraid to give us a call. We will get the electric up and running again in no time.

A Very Testing Morning

When you pull the first socket from the wall during an EICR inspection and this happens, then you know you are in for a testing morning. (No pun intended). Get your EICR inspection today by contacting us from our contacts page.

Crispy and Crunchy

Crispy and crunchy, Lucky tenant. This is why electrical safety is of utmost importance. Make sure you have a professional electrician do the work in your home because something like this could end up burning down your house one day.

We Care!

Zero care and attention taken here when this was installed. We make sure to put maximum care and attention into all the work we do. All our electricians have a passion for what they do. So be sure to book an EICR electrician today.