This Is How It Isn’t Done

At EICR Edinburgh we offer full audio visual design and installation by our experienced and Regulate SELECT registered professionals. This is how you don’t fit a LVHE.

To find more about our audio visual installations, you can visit our computer networking and home automation page HERE.

Never Cheap Out When It Comes To Safety

So, you want a cheap job done? Hidden joints, uncovered by EICR Edinburgh. Potential fire hazard, kitchen socket spurs wired in 1.5mm, double oven – 2400 watt – run off 2.5mm kitchen ring – along with immersion heater…

Here at EICR Edinburgh we pride ourselves in our aim to not be a cheap contractor. We have a company policy of do it once, do it right. We use the best of fit out material, and work to the highest standards. We make sure to uncover horrible and unsafe work like this, to ensure safety and peace of mind in your home.

Electrical Safety Is Our Top Priority

Electrical Safety should be at the front of everyone’s concerns, especially after the horrific disaster at the Notre Dame and Grenfell Tower. Protect yourselves and your loved ones with an EICR. EICR Edinburgh serving our beautiful capital.

Also recent investigations have found that the most likely cause of the fire at Notre Dame was an electrical short circuit. Find more information at Edinburgh News

Smoke Alarm Installation

Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a moment, when was the last time you checked your smoke or CO alarm?

Last week? Last month? Never? Spare a couple minutes this weekend to test all the smoke alarms in your home. It could end up saving your life.

Here at EICR Edinburgh we fit smoke and CO alarms for you. Check out more information HERE